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About Canning


Canning Warehouse is your one stop for canning information. Find everything you need to know about the process of waterbath and/or pressure canning!

This website is to help you in your preservation of foods for storage.

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Canning supplies are something that you not only need when canning, but you also need to know how to use them.

We will give you step by step instructions on how to use each tool in canning.

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Once you know how to can, and what tools you will need you are ready to check out some of the recipes for canning your own products from the basics to more complex items like salsas, chutneys, and more!

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We Want to Help You Preserveyour Garden Produce!

In today's economy, knowing how to grow and preserve your own food is highly important. We will leave the growing to you, but we are here to help you through the process of canning.

Canning Supply Info:


how to waterbath can

Waterbath Canning
Waterbath canning is a simple process, but you need to know what foods can and CANNOT be waterbath canned.   Read More

how to pressure can

Pressure Canning
Pressure Canning is the only method of canning that can be used on low-acid foods.   Read More