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shucking corn

pulling beets

Canning Information Warehouse:

Our website is built by a family of self-sufficient, garden growing, produce preserving crazies.

And we say crazies in the nicest sense of the word.

According to the slang definition of the word crazy is:

an unpredictable, nonconforming person; oddball:

We are definitely unpredictable. And as many have found out this year from the backlash of some cities against urban gardens, we are nonconforming just by having gardens within town limits. And we are definitely a group of oddballs. Otherwise we would not be choosing to preserve our own food. It takes a certain charisma to decide to take on this endeavor.

And we want to share it all with you! We have collected some of our tips, tricks, and just general information about canning for you and have shared it on this website. We also have some of our favorite canning recipes and instructions (from legitimate sources) listed on here for you as well. We've been reading about the canvolution and getting back to our roots of preserving our own foods. And this is our part of helping towards that wonderful movement.

So what's the hold up?

Let's Get Canning!!!