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Pressure Canning Information:

how to pressure can

Pressure canning can be quite intimidating at first, but if you gather information, read all the instructions that come with your pressure canner, and only use recipes that have been tested, then preserving your own food doesn't need to be scary.

We believe that people need to be empowered with knowledge on how to help themselves. When you preserve your own food, you not only are offering yourself, your family, and your friends food that you worked hard to grow, you also can save money and peace of mind. When you can your own foods, you know exactly what went in them, no need for worrying about preservatives, too much salt and/or too much sugar. Preserving your own food gives you back the power of what you put into your own body. And isn't that a power that we should all strive to have?


If you are here because you are a pressure canning newbie then you will want to read over our Pressure Canning How To section. This section is what it sounds like, it is the basics that you should know before you take on canning your own foods.


Botulism & Other Canning Problems:
Avoid eating bad food by knowing signs to watch for and what precautions you should be taking.

03 Canning Supplies, Tools, and More:
As with any new endeavor, there are tools made specifically for the task of canning. There are also everyday kitchen tools that can be used.
04 Planning your Canning:
As with anything pressure canning your own food takes a little planning. In our Planning Your Canning section you will learn how to map out a plan to best preserve your hard worked for food..